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SU Move-Out Continues as Scheduled, Classes Remain Online, Buildings Closed to the Public

Parents & Family

Are you a parent who’s looking ahead to your child’s college years? Or just about to face the first tuition bill? Here are some resources to help parents save for college, learn about financial aid, understand the value of a college education and complete the application process.

The Value of a College Education

There are many benefits that stem from a college education, most of which justify the expenses to obtain a degree. According to statistical data from the U.S. Census Bureau

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While a college education is not the only means for upward social mobility, it is certainly an avenue for students to realize their lifelong goals.

Student Aid and Scholarships Policy

As a public university, Salisbury University receives limited support from the state. An outstanding academic experience for our students comes at a cost, and we recognize that SU may not be affordable to all who wish to enroll.


Information about Your Student's Eligibility

How Dropping or Withdrawing Can Affect Your Student Financial Aid

Tips to Manage Your Financial Aid

  • Understand the Rules for Your Award: Review financial aid policies to understand what is expected of you to maintain your eligibility and keep your financial aid.
  • Know the Consequences:
  • Consider Your Options Before You Drop or Withdraw:
  • Special Circumstances

    If you or your family’s current income situation is different than information reported on the FAFSA, please contact our office for more information concerning whether or not you may qualify for special circumstances consideration.